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Non-delivery of audience-targeted line items

If one of your line items targeting an audience segment isn't delivering ads, please review these troubleshooting tips.

Confirm that the segment has more than 100 users

Audience segments must have a membership total of at least 100 users in order to be successfully used by a line item for delivery. If there are fewer than 100 users, the line item isn't able to deliver using that segment.

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Inventory and then Audience.
  3. Use filters to find your audience segment in the table, and ensure the Total size column value is at least 100.

Is your line item expected to serve to mobile apps?
Mobile apps do not use cookies, so you will need to use publisher provided identifiers (PPID) or a device specific identifier for audience ad serving. PPIDs and device specific identifiers can be bulk uploaded to segments the same way cookies can.

Confirm your line item is active

Review the line item status to confirm it's active. If it’s a third party segment, confirm it's been approved by one of your network administrators.

Use delivery diagnostics

Use the delivery diagnostics page feature of the Google Publisher Console, and choose to include the audience segment that the line item targets. This allows you to test delivery of the line item, even if you are not a member of that segment. It also checks for line item eligibility even if the audience segment has fewer than 100 members.

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