Check Ad Exchange deal blocking issues with Deal Check

You can check for issues that are reducing the number of matched ad requests for active Ad Exchange Preferred Deals or Private Auctions. Using the Deal Check feature, you're able to see the number of bid responses and impressions that are being filtered or lost due to issues that may be actionable by you, or by the buyer.

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Deal Check and static bidding

Deal Check is intended for use with active preferred deals and accepted private auctions using real-time bidding (RTB) only. If you use Deal Check on a deal with a buyer that uses static bidding, some or all of the data may be missing or inaccurate.

To check an active Preferred Deal or Private Auction, click Sales and then Preferred Deals or Private Auctions.

If you're accessing this feature from Ad Exchange instead of DFP, click Deals and then Active and then Preferred Deals or Deals and then Private Auctions.

For active Preferred Deals:

  1. Locate and click Active under "Deals" in the left navigation.
  2. You can either click View in the "Deal Check" column next to the deal you'd like to see, or click the name of the deal to open the detailed view, and click Deal Check in the upper-right corner.

For accepted Private Auctions:

  1. Locate and click Private Auctions in the left navigation to see your "Sent" Private Auctions.
  2. Click the name of the Private Auction to open the detailed view, and click Deal Check next to the applicable buyer.

A report appears, detailing where bid responses and impressions were filtered, and any potential issues that may be actionable by you, or the buyer. The report defaults to data collected for today, with a two-hour delay. To view data for a different time period, click and edit the date.

See more information about how to understand your Deal Check report.

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