Audience segment composition

This article is specific to DFP Audience.
This feature might not be enabled in your DFP environment.

Each member of an audience segment represents an audience identifier associated with a user's device. As your audience segment collects members, you can see a breakdown of what audience identifiers compose the segment by clicking Inventory and then Audience segments in DFP.

In the table that lists all audience segments, the columns below display information about the audience segment member composition:

  • Total size: The number of members currently in a segment.
  • Mobile web size: The number of mobile web users that comprise a segment.
  • AdID size: The number of Android app users (identified with an AdID) that comprise a segment.
  • IDFA size: The number of iOS app users (identified with an IDFA) that comprise a segment.
  • PPID size: The number of users, identified by a publisher provided identifier (PPID), that comprise a segment.
A few things to keep in mind
  • These totals are updated periodically throughout each day.
  • The Mobile web, AdID and IDFA size values are rounded to two significant digits (for example, "22,000" instead of "22,382") and if there are fewer than 50 members in any category, DFP displays 0.
  • The total size of an audience segment, updated approximately every 30 minutes, must be at least 100 before it is eligible for ad serving. We use statistical modeling and sampling to estimate the segment total size, so the size shown might not exactly match a number of identifiers uploaded. Small audience segments are subject to a higher variance in model estimates, so using lists with at least 150 members is recommended.
  • The sum of "Mobile web size", "IDFA size", and "AdID size" values may not equal the "Total size" value for a segment because of users on other targeted devices or environments.
  • For third-party audience segments, the "Total size" value shows how many identifiers are provided in the segment, but doesn't necessarily reflect the total amount of unique impressions you'll get from the segment. This could be because some identifiers are stale or based in another country.
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