Third-party creative doesn't track clicks

First verify that the creative works without a click macro. If so, make sure that you're using DoubleClick for Publishers's click macros to track clicks for third-party creatives. Learn more about macros.

When adding the code for your third-party creative:

Use either an escaped or unescaped click macro, depending on the clickthrough URL of the third-party tag. Insert the macro into the click-through URL of the creative in the anchor tag (<a>):

  • For most third-party tags, use DFP's standard click macro. Click Insert click macro to insert %%CLICK_URL_UNESC%% into your tag .
  • If the clickthrough URL contains special characters (such as '&', '?', '%'), click Escaped click macro to insert %%CLICK_URL_ESC_ESC%% into your tag.

To confirm that your click macro is working properly, click on your creative on the creative preview page. You should see an intermediate page confirming your click was recorded. If you do not see this page, please try using the alternate click macro in your tag (either escaped or unescaped).

When the creative serves, DFP replaces the click macro with a text URL. Any additional third-party URLs appended to the end of this URL are unescaped by DFP. If a third party depends on an appended URL being escaped, work with the third party to devise an appropriate workaround, such as double-escaping the URL. Learn more about troubleshooting macros in third-party creatives

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