Notifications in Planning

You can enable notifications to alert you in the UI when Planning detects that you’ve done something you might not have meant to do in projects you’ve starred. Each notification includes a link to view the placements that triggered the notification.

To enable notifications for your starred projects, follow these steps:

  1. Click the bell in the upper right corner of any Planning screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Choose to turn on notifications when Planning detects one or both of the following conditions:
    • Multiple placements in a project are linked to the same external placement. This can happen if you import two Campaign Manager campaigns into the same Planning project.
    • A placement is in an order but not in the plan. All placements are expected to be in a plan.

    The conditions you choose to flag will trigger notifications in starred projects only.

  4. After you’ve saved or discarded your changes, click your browser’s back arrow to return to the page you were previously viewing.

If a condition that you’ve chosen has triggered one or more alerts, a box with the number of alerts will appear over the bell. Click the bell to bring up the Notifications pop-up, which shows the notification(s) and gives you links to view the questionable placements and mark the notification as read.

Note the following:

  • Following the link to the placement(s) that triggered a notification mark the notification as read. However, the notification will remain on the list until you resolve the underlying condition, because Planning will continue to detect the condition.
  • Notifications set by any user in an account are visible to everyone in the account.
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