Set up creative bundles in Trafficking

A creative bundle is a set of creatives that you can send to flagged domains in place of your regular creatives. These might be public service announcements or other content that is unrelated to your advertiser. (Creative bundles are only supported for display placements.)

If you already have a creative bundle or don't wish to use one, you can skip to the next section and enable your campaign for ad blocking.

How it works: When you enable ad blocking for a campaign, Campaign Manager prevents delivery to display and in-stream video placements on flagged domains. By default, Campaign Manager just sends transparent pixels or empty VAST responses. However, you can designate your own creatives to send to display placements (not in-stream placements) with a creative bundle.

For a quick introduction, try our guided tour. Click Take a tour in your advertiser properties, right next to the creative bundles section.


  1. Open your advertiser properties. View the "Brand-neutral creative bundles" section.

    If you don't see this section, the issue may be that your account is not enabled for ad blocking. Your admin must enable it on the account permissions tab (Admin > Account > Permissions).

  2. Click New creative bundle to add a bundle.

  3. Name your bundle and specify a landing page. Every creative in your bundle will click through to this URL. The URL should point to a neutral site, such as the homepage for any PSAs you might use.

  4. If needed, choose creatives to use in your bundle.

    By default, Campaign Manager delivers a transparent pixel for your brand-neutral ads: "Default 1x1 brand-neutral creative." This is fine to use for every size. But if you want to use your own brand-neutral creative for a particular size, add them in the "Creative" column.

    How to choose your own brand-neutral creatives

    You can choose different creatives to fit all the different placement sizes in your campaign. This way Campaign Manager always has a brand-neutral creative to fit each placement.

    1. View your list of sizes. If you see a size that needs a specific brand-neutral creative, click the drop-down under "Creatives" and choose or upload an image creative.

    2. Once you add the creative, Campaign Manager uses it for all the display placements in your campaigns that fit the same size. Your brand-neutral creative is assigned to a brand-neutral ad, and the brand-neutral ad is assigned to all matching display placements.

      For example: Say you choose a Red Cross PSA for the 300x250 size. Now ad blocking will use your Red Cross PSA for any display 300x250 placement that has an impression on a flagged domain.

    How Campaign Manager lists available sizes: Campaign Manager looks at the items in your advertiser and lists their corresponding sizes. You can view two different lists. These are just different ways of listing the sizes found in your advertiser. In these views, you can search for dimensions.

    • View creative sizes: lists the sizes of all the creatives found in your advertiser.

    • View all sizes: lists the sizes of all the creatives, ads, and placements found in your advertiser

  5. Save your bundle. You can now find this bundle in any campaign under your advertiser. Choose it when you enable ad blocking in a campaign, if you want to deliver this particular set of brand-neutral creatives to flagged domains.

  6. Move on to the next part of this process: open a campaign and enable ad blocking.

Note: Remember that ad blocking is currently supported only for standard ads on display placements serving on desktop and mobile web and in-stream or VAST ads on in-stream placements.
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