Enable ad blocking in Trafficking

Use this article to enable ad blocking on campaigns, sites, and placements in Trafficking.

At this point, you should have a list of flagged domains applied to your account. If needed, you can find steps to flag domains here .

Set up ad blocking in a campaign

  1. Open your campaign properties in Trafficking.

  2. Open the Verification settings section.

  3. Check the "Ad blocking" checkbox to enable ad blocking. (Uncheck this box if you ever need to disable ad blocking.)

  4. Choose a creative bundle. The bundle you choose is the set of brand-neutral creatives that Campaign Manager will deliver to flagged domains instead of your regular creatives.

    You can also select None as the bundle, in which case Campaign Manager will use transparent pixels for brand-neutral ads on all of your display placements.

  5. Check the landing page. Every creative in your bundle will click through to this landing page.

    • By default, this URL is whatever you set in the bundle properties, at the advertiser level. If you do not choose a bundle, just enter your own in this field.

    • To set a custom URL for only this campaign, click the lock icon and unlock the URL field. Then edit the URL. Lock the icon again to revert to the bundle's default URL.

  6. Under "Criteria," there should be a flagged list assigned to your campaign. If not, you'll need to click Manage flagged domains in Verification to set one up. For help flagging domains, see flag domains step in this guide.

  7. Save your campaign. In your campaign header, you should now see that ad blocking is set to "Enabled."

    • View exceptions: Even when a campaign uses ad blocking, some sites can disallow ad blocking in their site properties. If any sites disallow ad blocking, you will see two indications:

      • Campaign Manager will offer a list of exceptions in the campaign header, next to "Enabled."

      • Campaign Managerwill show "NO AD BLOCKING" next to these sites and their display placements, in the "Name" column.
    • View brand-neutral ads: You can show or hide brand-neutral ads in your campaign. Next to the campaign search box, set "Brand-neutral ads" to Show if you want to see all the assigned brand-neutral ads and brand-neutral creatives in your campaign.

Update ad blocking settings on sites

If specific publishers or networks prohibit ad blocking, you can disable this option in that site’s properties. To update ad blocking settings for a site:

  1. Navigate to the site’s properties page from a campaign or go to Admin > Sites.
  2. Open the Verification settings section.
  3. Check or uncheck the option to Allow ad blocking on this site.
  4. Click Save.

Update ad blocking settings on placements

If a publisher doesn’t allow ad blocking on specific placements, you can enable ad blocking for that entire site, but disable the feature for placements. To update ad blocking settings for a placement:

  1. Navigate to an existing placement or create a new one.
  2. Open the Verification settings section.
  3. Check or uncheck the option to Allow ad blocking for this placement.
  4. Click Save.


  • Report Builder: View clicks and impressions on brand-neutral ads and brand-neutral creatives in your standard reports. Add the "brand-neutral" filter for both creative type and ad type in Report Builder.

  • Verification: View the number of blocked impressions for each flagged domain in your list. Display blocked impressions by choosing them on the "Columns" drop-down on the Overview page.) During the beta release we will only block on domains. We’re developing additional blocking capabilities.

  • Active View and event tags (not supported): Active View and event tags are not supported for brand-neutral content. This means that for impressions on flagged domains, you cannot capture Active View metrics or log information for vendors with event tags.

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