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Automatic ad deactivation

Campaign Manager automatically deactivates your ad in only two cases:

  1. A week passes after the end date for an ad with a hard cut-off. (The ad stops serving right at the end date, but won't deactivate until a week later.)

  2. The ad does not have a hard cut-off, and there are no clicks or impressions for any 30-day period after the end date.

See below for details. This article also has guidance on how to manually deactivate ads.

Details on automatic deactivation

  1. 7 days past end date + hard cut-off.

    If your ad has a hard cut-off enabled in the ad properties, Campaign Manager will deactivate it 7 days after the end date. Check whether the hard cut-off is enabled in the delivery properties of your ad.

    • Note that Campaign Manager immediately stops serving your ad once you reach the end date. However, it will not automatically change the status to inactive until 7 days later.

  2. No activity 30 days after end date + no hard cut-off.

    If your ad does not have a hard cut-off, Campaign Manager will only deactivate the ad if it receives no clicks or impressions for 30 days after its end date. Check recent activity in the tag status report.

    • The 30-day period is a rolling window. That each click or impression starts a new 30-day period before it is deactivated.

      For example, say an ad gets no impressions or clicks for 28 days after the end date. Then, on the 29th day, it gets an impression. Now the ad will remain active for at least another 30 days. It has to pass an entire 30-day window without any activity before Campaign Manager will deactivate it.

If your ad is not past its end date, then Campaign Manager will not automatically deactivate your ads under any circumstances. 

Help with ad deactivation

Make sure you have ads that can serve to any placement with live tags. If an impression is available but there are no active ads on your placement, Campaign Manager may send grey GIFs instead. This can cause serious problems for your publisher.

  • If you plan to use a hard cut-off, make sure you have other ads that can serve after the end date, such as a default ad. If there are no other ads you want to serve to a placement after the end date, ask your publisher to remove the tags after the end date.

  • If you plan to deactivate an ad, make sure there are other ads that can serve to its placements. Or ask your publisher to remove the tags for these placements. Learn to manage ad status and deactivate ads safely.

Do you want to stop your ad from serving to just one placement, but leave it active for the other assigned placements? Just take it out of rotation. Learn more

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