Report and page settings

Use the File > Report settings menu to configure properties for the entire report. To set similar properties for the current page, select Page > Current page settings.

  • Data source lets you configure a default data source for the entire report or page.
    For most situations, it's not necessary to define a report-level data source, as your charts will default to using either the page-level data source, or the most recently added data source. (Report-level data sources are a legacy feature, left over from earlier versions of the product.)
  • Default date range sets the time frame for the report or page.
  • Report Filters restrict the data displayed in the report or page.
  • Google Analytics segment applies the selected segment to the report or page. This is only available if the report-level or page-level data source is based on Google Analytics.
  • Enable cache enables or disables the prefetch cache. This option can only be set for the report (this option is not available in page properties).
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