Connect to Search Ads 360

Unlock search insights through rich data visualization.

Search Ads 360 is a search management platform that helps agencies and marketers efficiently manage some of the largest search marketing campaigns in the world, across multiple engines and media channels. Streamlined workflow and powerful reporting features enable buyers to efficiently run campaigns, while automated bidding improves campaign performance. Native integration with the Google Marketing Platform allows buyers to manage and measure digital campaigns across a single platform, enabling rich, cross-channel buying, reporting and attribution.

Connecting Data Studio to Search Ads 360 lets you create compelling and informative reports that can include data from multiple other sources. You can easily share your insights, even with people who don't have direct access to that data.

How to connect to Search Ads 360

You can connect Data Studio to multiple Agencies, Advertisers, and Accounts in a single data source.

To connect

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. In the top left, click Create, then select Data Source.
  3. Select the Search Ads 360 connector.
  4. Select one or more Agencies.
  5. Select the Advertisers, and optionally, the Accounts to which you want to connect.
    You can connect the data source at the Advertiser or Account level. This determines which fields are available in the data source. For example, to use the Label field, you must connect at the Advertiser level.
    To connect at the Advertiser level, leave the Account selection blank.
  6. In the upper right, click CONNECT.
    1. The data source fields panel appears.
    2. The data source is now connected to your data set.

Configure the data source

The data source fields panel is where you configure the data source by renaming fields and adding descriptions, adding calculated fields, and changing data types and aggregations. Learn more about working with data source fields.

Control who sees the data

At the top of the fields panel, you can change the data credentials. Credentials control who can see the data provided by this data source.

OWNER'S CREDENTIALS lets other people view or create reports that use this data without requiring them to have their own access to the data set.

VIEWER'S CREDENTIALS, on the other hand, requires each user of the data source to provide their own credentials to access the data set.

Learn more about data credentials.

Create a new report from the data source

  1. In the upper right, click CREATE REPORT.
    1. The report editor appears.
  2. Click ADD TO REPORT.
    1. This adds the data source to report.
    2. You can now create charts and controls that get their data from this data source.

New to Data Studio?

Take the Create a report tutorial. Or learn more about the report editor.

Use a template report

Want to get started quickly? Copy this template report and add your own Search Ads 360 data source. You'll have a fully functioning and attractive report in under a minute.


The dimensions and metrics available through Data Studio represent a subset of the fields available in Search Ads 360. Learn more about Search Ads 360 dimensions.

The Label dimension is only available in data sources based on the advertiser level (and not the engine level).

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