Ads not appearing

If AdSense ads aren't appearing on results pages for your Custom Search Engine, possible explanations include:

  • The search query did not trigger ads.
  • If you have just applied for an AdSense account, you will not see any ads until your account gets approved (usually in a few days).
  • If you have indicated that your Custom Search Engine is for a qualifying non-profit organization, your search engine results will never have ads.

Google Site Search

If you're using Google Site Search (the paid version of Google Custom Search) and are getting a 'Forbidden' error that's not attributed to AdSense account issues, check that your GSS is not set to BOOST mode or your include sites do not contain "top-level domains" like '*.com', '*.travel/*'. To confirm that your search engine is set to the correct mode, download or view your context file from the Advanced page in the custom search control panel.

If the context file shows the following label:

<Label name="_cse_<your cx value&g;" mode="BOOST"/>

Download and edit the file, changing the mode to FILTER:

<Label name="_cse_<your cx value>" mode="FILTER"/>

For additional information about what to do if ads aren't appearing on your site, visit the AdSense Help Center.