Using statistics

The statistics dashboard in your account is a powerful tool that will provide you with information about how visitors are interacting with your content, and what they find most engaging.

You will be able to see the number of unique visitors your content has had, as well has how many views, what traffic source led users to your page (e.g from a search result, or a post on a social network), what device your content is being viewed on, how many times your content has been shared on social media, and where in the world your users are.

You can view the statistics for your content in the Statistics manager.

Choose a time period

Choose the time period you would like to view statistics for using the time dropdown. You can select the last 7, 30, or 90 days, or all available time:


"All available time" will go back to 8 June 2016, or the date your collection first launched.

Percent of items and exhibits that have been viewed

You can see how much of your collection has been viewed or not viewed over a given period of time. This appears under the main graph on the "Items" and "Exhibits" tabs.


In this tab you can also see your top-viewed items, how many views they’ve had, the average viewing time and which Cultural Institute projects your items and exhibits have been included in.



Exporting your stats

You can export charts from your statistics page as CSVs by clicking the Export button. There will be one CSV file created per chart and these will all be exported together in one zip file.

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