Items with multiple digitizations

Items with multiple digitizations

Subitems represent a digitization of part of a real world object, such as a page of a book, or a scan of one side of a document. You will need to submit metadata for both the top level item (the document) and for each subitem that represents an individual page or image of that document, for example.

Please follow these guidelines when structuring metadata for items with multiple digitizations:

  • Each subitem should be submitted in a separate row
  • All subitems and the top level item should share the same unique item id
  • For the parent item, set the filetype to sequence and leave the filespec empty
  • The rows for subitems should specify a unique subitemid, meaning that it should not be repeated under the corresponding top level item
  • The rows for subitems should also specify an orderid with an integer (1,2,3...) denoting the order of subitems within the top level item
Subitem ID   [subitemid]

Only required if submitting items with multiple digitizations.

  • Each subitem row must have the same Item ID
  • Each subitem must have a unique Subitem ID for a given item which neither conflicts with other Subitem IDs or Item IDs
  • Example values:
    • 0001-a
    • p314.1
... subitemid ...
... p314.1 ...
Order ID   [orderid]

An index used to denote the order of subitems within a top level item.

  • If omitted subitems could appear in a random order when viewing an item
  • Example values:
    • 1
    • 2
    • 8
... orderid ...
... 1 ...
itemid subitemid orderid title description filetype filespec
d1     Legal document Two-sided document containing two images sequence  
d1 d1.1 1 Page 1 Scan of front side image pic1.jpg
d1 d1.2 2 Page 2 Scan of back side image pic2.jpg

The table above demonstrates how to provide metadata for a document containing 2 images.

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