Translate website & collection information

Provide translations for text entered in your website or account settings
  1. Open the Translations page icon Translations page
  2. Click Add, under the "Information" section
  3. Choose a language from the menu and click Add
  4. Enter translations for each field as necessary
  5. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save
  6. If necessary, add another language by clicking Add and repeat steps 3 to 6

Translations must be provided one language at a time. You can move between translations with the selection menu at the top. To remove a translation click the delete symbol next to the Save button.

Viewers will see text in the language configured in their browser settings. If you have not provided a translation for the user's language then they will see text in the primary language used in your account.

Learn also how to translate other content such as exhibit captions and item details (metadata). 

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