Advanced import overview

If you are uploading a large number of items, you can use our advanced import feature to submit items in bulk. Prepare your metadata in Google Sheets and upload the file to your items manager. At the same time, upload the corresponding media files. These can be images, audio, videos or documents. Once both steps are complete, all items will be available in the items manager.

The more detailed and comprehensive information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for users to search for and discover your content, and the more engaged they will become with your site and exhibits.

Expand the sections below to learn about each part of the advanced import process:

Select and prepare media files

In your collection, gather all your image and audio files for import. Videos must be uploaded via YouTube.

Learn how to prepare and upload your media files

Prepare a metadata file

In addition to uploading your media files, prepare a metadata file to provide the information that describes your content (e.g. the title, creator and description). This will make it possible for users to find and discover the content on your site.

The Google Arts & Culture platform supports Google Sheets (preferred) and CSV.

Learn how to prepare your metadata

Import media and metadata files

Once your media and metadata files are ready, use the advanced import option to bulk upload all items in one go. The information included in the metadata file will then automatically appear as item details.

After uploading, you can modify/update items individually using the items manager, or update the media or the metadata files by following the advanced import process again. 

Learn how to bulk import your media and metadata files

Resolve any import errors and content issues

You followed all the steps above meticulously but you are getting an error? No worries, it happens: it could be something as tiny as a typo in your data or an image named incorrectly.

Check our common import errors to help figure out what went wrong

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