Common import issues

Import errors

These errors may appear when you attempt to import your metadata file. You must correct each one and then reupload the metadata file to achieve a successful import:

Error Solution

Invalid date

  • Confirm you are using one of the following supported formats: YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY. 07-1988 would not work, for example

Invalid encoding

  • Applies to the CSV file format which only supports UTF-8 encoding. Convert to CSV file using Google Sheets to correct problem

Row is malformed

  • Applies to the CSV file format. Make sure that your columns (tabs) with the required attributes are correctly aligned above the rows of data; often there will be either an extra tab or a missing tab
Missing required fields
  • Be sure to include all the mandatory fields
Empty cells
  • Do not put "null" or "n/a" in required fields or cells: just leave them empty
Column headings
  • Do not use column headings that are not defined in our feed specification. They have to be exactly the same otherwise the dashboard doesn't recognise the field name

Content issues

After successfully uploading your metadata file, remember to check your Items page icon Items manager for any of the folllowing issues:

Issue Solution

Missing file

  • Upload the correct file to the Google Developers Console (accessed via the advanced import dialog in the content manger)
  • Correctly specify the filename in your metadata file and re-upload
    Note: The filename is case-sensitive, for example: image.jpg is different from image.JPG

Broken image

  • The image file is somehow corrupted, or not a supported media format. Fix or convert to a supported format, then re-upload the image
  • If the image filename changed, correct the name in the metadata file and re-upload

Missing video

  • Confirm that the video has been uploaded to YouTube, verify video ID and settings (should be set to "unlisted" or "public")

YouTube video private

  • Update the video privacy setting to "unlisted" or "public"
  • Ensure embedding has not been disabled in the YouTube video settings

An item's title appears twice

  • If an item has subitems, the title does not need to be repeated in the subitems. Please assign a distinct title for each item and subitem

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