Invoicing Requirements by Country


Please make sure your invoice is accurate and complete. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • send invoices after Google has received the goods or service
  • reference Google's Purchase Order (PO) number, PO line number and Invoice Number on the invoice
  • ensure invoice information matches information on the PO. This includes for example ‘Bill-to’ & ‘Ship-to’ locations, item description, price, and currency
  • ensure the invoice date is not in the future and the invoice date reflects the date services were rendered and not the date services were first quoted
  • make sure you are entering appropriate taxes in your invoices at the time of invoice submission (Including e-invoices).

The primary reasons invoices are returned to vendor are:

  • A mismatch of information between the invoice and purchase order (e.g. entity, PO number, supplier name, amount, PO currency, line items)
  • Missing information
  • Credit memo does not reference PO number or the original invoice number

Select your bill-to country to see Google invoice requirements:

How to submit your invoice:


Please submit your E-Invoice through the Ariba Network

  • If you have a standard account and need to submit an invoice through the Ariba network, please follow this instruction
  • If you have an enterprise account and need to submit an invoice through the Ariba network, please follow this instruction

Attached invoices have to meet the following requirements:

  • must be PDF format
  • name of the file cannot include special characters: &, “, ‘, <, >
  • max document size is 2MB

Invoices must include the following to be processed:


Supplier Info

  • Supplier Name
  • Supplier Legal Mailing Address

Google Info

  • Google PO Number
  • Google Bill-To Entity
  • Google Bill-To Address

Invoice Info

  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Description of Goods or Services Supplied

For more information on how to update your account information or submit an invoice through the Ariba network, please go to Transacting over the Ariba network.

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