Payments FAQs


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How will my invoice be paid?

We pay suppliers electronically. Please ensure that you provide correct banking details when you enroll. When payment is issued, a remittance advice will be sent to the email address provided at enrollment.

When are invoices typically paid? How long will it take for the payment to reflect in a bank account?
The majority of invoice payments are processed per Google's standard payment terms of 45 calendar days after a valid invoice is submitted on-line or received at the Mail-To location specified on the PO. Please note that the actual date a credit to a bank account may appear varies per bank regulations.

If you transact with Google via the Ariba Network, you can check the status of your invoice by logging in at Ariba Network Supplier site.
Note: GIST is fully deprecated as of May 2021, please see this announcement for additional information.
How do I update my company/banking information?


If you’re already enrolled on the Ariba network: You may update your information directly in the Ariba Network by following the instructions below.
  1. Log in to Ariba Network
  2. Switch to Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires located on the upper left hand of the screen
  3. Click Registration Questionnaire and then Revise Response
  4. Edit or revise the information you wish to change
If you’re not enrolled on the Ariba network yet: please reach out to Google by Contact Us button below and provide the following:
  • Supplier Name:
  • Google PO Number:
  • Last 4 digits of Bank Account Number:
  • Remittance Email Address:
  • Google Point of Contact email:
  • Email address to receive the Ariba enrollment link:
  • Supplier Contact First Name and Last Name to receive the Ariba enrollment link:
Once you receive an invite, please submit the registration questionnaire to update your account. Additional detail on how to fill out the Registration Questionnaire can be found here.


Individuals (those doing business as an unincorporated company), revenue-share partners should use the existing supplier enrollment form . For exceptions such as special beneficiaries or if you have any questions about what channel to use, please reach out to Google using the Contact Us button below.
How can I receive remittance advice or a full list of invoices that were included in a payment they received?
When Alphabet/Google makes a payment, the registered remittance email for a supplier in our system receives the full list of invoices paid. We strongly encourage you to reach out to that point of contact first to receive a list of all invoices paid.

If you are unable to work with the remittance contact, please reach out to Google using the Contact Us button below.
As a supplier, how can I request proof-of-payment?
Google sends the payment of your invoice(s) to the registered bank account in our records. We also notify the registered remittance email to let you know that payment was made.

If you cannot see a payment in your bank account, please reach out to Google using the Contact Us button below.
Is there a credit memo-offset with Google payments on supplier invoices?
Every time we make a payment, the registered remittance email receives a list of invoices paid. We encourage you to work with the registered remittance email to see the list of invoices paid and check if there was a credit note matched to it.

If for any reasons you aren't able to work with them, please reach out to Google using the Contact Us button below.


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How can I request to expedite a payment?
The payment terms outlined in the contract are typically what's adhered to when transacting with Google, but it's understood that there are instances when payment is required in a faster time frame. If this is the case, please work with your Google point of contact to complete an expedited payment request. Once the request has been submitted it will be evaluated based on the necessity and impact of executing the payment ahead of the contractual terms.

Note that the majority of invoice payments are processed per Google's standard 45 calendar days terms from the date a valid invoice is received.
Can Google provide the exact payment date associated with an invoice?
Please note that we process payments according to Google's standard payment terms of 45 calendar days from the date we receive a valid invoice. The actual credit to an account may vary per a supplier's bank regulations.

In order to find the estimated payment date of your invoice via the Ariba Network, please follow the below steps:

Standard Supplier

  1. Go back to the email notification received after you submitted the invoice
  2. Click View Invoice
  3. Enter your log in Ariba credentials
  4. Click the payment proposal and you will find the estimated payment date

Enterprise Supplier

  1. Log in to Ariba Network
  2. Click Outbox and then Invoices
  3. Click the Invoice you'd like to check
  4. Click the payment proposal and you will find the estimated payment date
If you need further details surrounding the estimated payment date of an invoice please click the Contact Us button below.
Why does an invoice payment differ from the expected amount?
There are a few reasons why an invoice may appear to be different than an expected value:
  1. There may be a credit note matched to it
  2. The incorrect invoice may have been submitted
  3. VAT/WHT calculations may be impacting the payment amount
  4. Bank fees may impact the payment amount
  5. The beneficiary bank may have converted the amount into default account currency
To confirm the exact reason for invoice amounts differing, please reach out to Google using the Contact Us button below.
It has been 45 calendar days and I still haven't been paid, why?

Google's Standard terms are 45 calendar days from the invoice receipt date. If your payment is within the 45 calendar day time frame then it's likely that the payment hasn't come due in the system yet. If it's been more than 45 calendar days from the invoice receipt date and payment still hasn't been received please follow the steps to check invoice status.

Early Payment FAQs

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What is dynamic discounting?
Dynamic Discounting delivers faster invoice payment in exchange for an agreed upon discount deducted from the gross invoice.
How is dynamic discounting different from traditional discounting?
Traditional discounting typically requires early payment terms to be included on contracts and uses static terms. Dynamic discounting allows suppliers to opt in to new payment terms using Ariba and can leverage a sliding scale to allow for dynamic terms where the discount amount adjusts according to the payment date.
How should I read an early payment discount term?
A common early payment term is 2% 15 NET 45. This term means that Google will take a 2% discount if the invoice is paid early in 15 days. Otherwise, Google pays the full amount in 45 days (Google’s standard payment terms).
  • Traditional Discounting: Because this involves static terms, if we’re unable to make the payment before day 15 (e.g. invoice is not approved in time), we miss the opportunity to take a discount.
  • Dynamic Discounting: Using sliding scale functionality, even if we miss the initial early payment date, the discount will be prorated depending on the final payment date. (Example)
How will Google implement dynamic discounting?
Google will implement two types of dynamic discounts:
  • Standing Discounts: Supplier opts in once via Ariba and the offer applies to every subsequent, approved invoice on standard terms. Details on how to accept standing offers can be found here.Standing offers will be offered initially.
  • Ad Hoc Discounts: Supplier opts in on an invoice-by-invoice basis and selects their desired payment date and associated discount. Details on how to accept ad hoc offers can be found here. Ad hoc offers will be offered if a supplier does not accept the standing offer. 
As a supplier, what are the benefits I can expect?
Benefits to suppliers include:
  • Accelerated Cash Flow: Participating suppliers can accelerate turning receivables to cash
  • Control Over Payment Timing: Participating suppliers have the opportunity to request automatic early payment on all invoices upon full approval to pay or ASAP payment on individual invoices as cash flow needs dictate
What rate will Google offer?
The most up-to-date offer will always be available on the supplier’s Ariba Account. 
Why NET 45 days? Aren’t Google’s standard terms 30 days?
Google’s standard terms are 30 business days which equates to 45 calendar days.
I have some contract-based invoices which are on non-standard terms. Will these be affected by Dynamic Discounting?
Supplier invoices which are already being paid earlier than standard terms will not be affected nor will they be eligible to be incorporated into dynamic discounting.
How do I accept a discount offer?
Suppliers accept a standing discount offer as a one-time selection in their Ariba profile. Suppliers accept ad hoc discount offers by logging into their Ariba profile and selecting specific invoices for which to accept a discount. If a supplier does not accept a standing discount offer initially, Google will give them the option to accept an ad hoc offer. Both offers will remain available on the supplier’s Ariba portal to accept at a later time. You can find more information on how to accept standing and ad hoc offers in the videos linked.
How do I get access to opt in to early payment offers?
See this quick video to learn how to add users on your Ariba Supplier Network. 
How do I opt out of a discount offer?
If a supplier who has opted into a standing discount offer would like to opt out at a later time, they will need to follow the same steps they took to accept in their Ariba Account by unchecking the offer. For ad hoc offers, there is no need to opt out. If the supplier does not accept an early payment date on an eligible invoice, then no discount will be applied.  
What happens if I choose not to review or accept an Early Payment offer?
Nothing. If a supplier does not review or chooses not to take action on an early payment offer, whether standing or ad hoc, invoices will be paid according to each invoice’s net terms. 
Do we need to renegotiate contracts to implement dynamic discounting?
Contracts do not need to be renegotiated due to the opt-in nature of dynamic discounting offers. By opting in, suppliers are agreeing to the new terms and conditions and authorizing that they have the authority to do so.
Which of my invoices are eligible for dynamic discounting?

Generally, the requirements for the early payment program are as follows: 

  • The supplier must have a standard or enterprise Ariba Account
  • The supplier's Ariba Account must be linked with Google's Ariba Account (i.e. PO must have been sent and received by the supplier since October 28, 2019)
  • The supplier must be based in a country where Dynamic Discounting is currently active.
  • There are exceptions for the above criteria so if you do not see any discount offers in your Ariba portal and you believe you qualify, please reach out to
I have more questions - where do I go next?
Please email us using the Contact Us button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Early Payment Program - Sliding Scale Example


In the case of a 2% discount, if the 15-day discount term is not met, the discount is calculated on a prorated scale and will decrease proportionally, according to the date the payment is made.



Example: If the invoice is approved after the initial 15 days but before the 45th day deadline, say, on the 20th day, the discount will change proportionally; in this example, to 1.66%.

Note: This example is illustrative and does not reflect Google’s early pay offer sliding scale. The actual amounts are presented at the time of early payment offer.

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