Where your content may appear

If your content is accepted for external publication, it will be publicly visible to anyone who accesses many Google products, including Search and Maps.

If you don't want to share your experience, imagery, video or the location in which it was taken, please do not publish it using this service. If you delete your contribution or your account, imagery positioning data and map data improvements derived from that contribution may be retained but will no longer be associated with your account.

Content that you submit for publication to Google Maps must satisfy our specified Publishing Acceptance Criteria and General Content Policies. Once published, your content may appear in a variety of Google products and services, such as Google Maps, Street View, Google Earth, Google My Business, Google Search and other Google products.

Published content may also appear within third–party sites that use Google-embeddable widgets or the Google Maps API. For more information about how your images may be used by Google or third parties, see the Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Service.