How your content is used

Content you submit may show on and be used across Google services, including Maps, Search, and YouTube. Content may also show on third–party sites that use Google-embeddable widgets or the Google Maps Platform API. If you do not want to share your experience, imagery, video, or the location at which the imagery or video was taken, do not publish it with Google services.

For beta questions, your answers may not be displayed publicly during the experiment and may only be visible to you or others participating in the experiment. We may delete answers after the experiment is completed.

The following attribution practices apply depending on whether the content is your subjective content or publicly available factual information that you provide, as defined in Google’s Terms of Service.

Your subjective content

If your subjective content—such as a review, media, or place question or answer—is posted, it shows publicly and is attributed to you. Attribution may include:

  • Linking the post to your profile name or picture that appears on your Maps profile page
  • Displaying your profile name or picture with the content

If your Google Account is restricted from posting reviews or media, your content may be removed from public view.

Publicly available factual information that you provide

Your factual edits on Google services—such as edits to a place’s name, hours, or address—may be displayed on your private profile view, but aren’t publicly attributed to you. If you delete an edit or your public profile, your edits are removed from public view and don't appear privately to you. Factual edits may be retained, but they aren’t associated with your account.

Content you submit must satisfy the following policies:

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