Edit or delete contacts

After you add contacts to your Android device, you can make changes or delete them.

Contacts saved to your Google Account will sync with Google Contacts and all your Android devices.

Edit a contact

  1. Go to Google Contacts.
  2. Click on a contact's name.
  3. In the top-right corner, click Edit Edit.
  4. Edit the information.
  5. Click Save.

Note: You can't change details that automatically come from:

  • Your contact's Google profile
  • Your contact’s work, school or organisation
  • Google Maps, if your contact is a business

Delete contacts

  1. Go to Google Contacts.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • A single contact: Tick the box next to the contact name.
    • Multiple contacts: Tick the boxes next to all the contacts you want to delete.
    • All contacts: Tick the box next to any contact and in the top left, click Selection Actions and then All.
  3. In the top left, click More actions and then Delete and then Delete.

Tip: If you use Contacts for work or school, you can’t select all contacts in the Directory.

Undo changes to contacts

You can erase any changes that you made to your contacts during the past 30 days.

Note: When you restore contacts to a certain time, such as one week ago, any contacts added after that time won't appear. Learn how to export your current contacts and add them back later.

  1. Go to Google Contacts.
  2. In the top-right corner, click Settings Settingsand thenUndo changes.
  3. Choose a time to go back to.
  4. Click Confirm.
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