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Ad placement

Don't place ads within your premium content.

Content selection and user motivation

The more unique premium content you have that users want to consume, the more likely they are to complete the surveys.

Using 'p402_hide' and 'p402_premium'

Some sites might contain elements that can conflict with how surveys appear, such as attribution, story photos, sidebars, and social-sharing toolbars that border premium content. Wrap conflicting content in a div with the attribute class="p402_hide" to hide these elements.

Wrap premium content in a div with the attribute class="p402_premium" to ensure survey performance. p402_premium is a required div class so make sure to implement it correctly. See Code Instructions for further information.

Site design and existing bounce rates

Publisher sites that have higher bounce rates tend to have lower completion rates: users who are already more likely to bounce and less likely to read articles result in a lower completion rate.

Survey placement above the fold

Publishers have seen higher completion rates when the survey is shown above the fold.

Frequency and metering controls

Frequency capping and metering have shown to help with completion rates in our network as users are not bombarded by multiple surveys in short periods of time.


Example publisher page

Code instructions

Measuring success

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