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Where do the survey questions come from?
Questions come from market-research surveys written by companies who want to gain insight into their businesses, brands, or products. Questions must comply with program policies.
How much can I expect to earn?
Publishers are paid based on the number of responses their site visitors provide (completion rate). Completion rates vary by publisher based on content quality, prompt placement, and existing bounce rate. Publishers earn $0.05 per question, up to $0.50 per survey (as each survey can have up to 10 questions).
How and when do I get paid?
You collect your earnings using your AdSense account, and you are paid following the AdSense payment schedule.
Who will see surveys on my site?
Users visiting your site from supported countries may see a survey on your site if they are using a standard desktop browser or a mobile browser on Android and iOS devices.
In what language will the surveys be shown?

When you register your site with Google Surveys, you select your site-content language. The language options available to you depend on your AdSense currency.

Once your site language is set, we'll serve surveys to users when there's a survey available in your site language and targeted to the user's country.

For example, if your site is in English and based in the US, users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia will see English language surveys targeted to their respective countries while on your site.
How long does it take to implement Google Surveys after sign up?
While implementation time can vary based on how each site is set up (e.g., a third-party CMS, etc.), we've seen publishers start their evaluation surveys right after receiving their javascript code and Surveys Account ID. The evaluation process takes 15-30 days. Once approved, non-evaluation surveys show up on publishers pages. Similar to placing AdSense code in HTML, the Google Surveys implementation is very simple. Details can be found here.
Can I alter the Javascript tags?
No. Any alteration of the Javascript tag violates our Program Policies and could negatively affect performance and reporting.
Why are no surveys appearing on my site?
  1. Verify your code is properly implemented by following the code instructions.
  2. Survey inventory is dependent on market-research demand. There can be periods of time when no surveys are available.
  3. You can check your reporting dashboard to confirm if users have seen a survey and are completing questions. If you don't have data in your reporting dashboard, you should check your account settings and confirm your code is properly implemented.
Will the surveys increase bounce rate on my site?
Here are some ways measure survey impact on your site, including the impact on bounce rate.
Why am I seeing the survey on my site more frequently than expected?
Frequency is set at your account level. You request your frequency when creating your account. The default is 1x24 hours. If a user does not complete the survey, then they will see it on every article page until they complete a survey. Once the user completes the survey they should not see another survey on your site for another 24 hours. If the frequency is not behaving this way, then confirm that you have cookies enabled so your session frequency can be measured.
Are survey questions contextually targeted?
No. By design, surveys are not contextually targeted in order to preserve data integrity for Google Surveys customers (market researchers).
Will implementing Google Surveys affect my site's ranking in search?
No. Google Surveys is designed to allow your desktop site to be crawled and indexed as it would without Google Surveys. Mobile sites that have interstitials may be affected.
How do I address privacy concerns?
Our survey creator policies prohibit surveys that contain and/or request information that Google could use or recognize as personally identifiable information from end users. In addition, all survey data, including any inferred demographics and IP-derived location is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. End users may manage their information via their browser settings and/or their Google MyActivity settings.
Can I filter questions that appear on my site?

Publishers do not have the ability to exclude or filter certain surveys, although we do have mechanisms in place that pertain to survey quality. Here are the Program Policies that our market researchers must follow before their surveys can be started on our publisher network.

Once surveys have been manually reviewed by our team for quality, they are distributed randomly in our publisher network. If a certain question gets a low number of responses or has a low incidence rate for a sample size, the system will stop serving it. When a user sees a question they don't want to answer, they can click Show me a different question, or if they don't answer that question at all, we get signals that help our system know the performance of that question. If the question does get a low number of responses or low incidence, the system will stop it from serving.

If you are concerned about Google Surveys appearing on sensitive content, you have the option to remove the code from select pages on your site. Many online publishers use an easy on/off solution for sensitive topics when related to ads and other monetization solutions. Here is an example:

if (sensitive_topic = false)


execute Google Surveys JS code


Do I need to request a new account ID for every site?
Yes, please request a separate account ID for each site or domain. Each account ID will have a separate reporting dashboard and settings.
Does Google offer support or plugins for CMS systems like WordPress?
Google does not offer third-party plugins or custom coding solutions, but you may find solutions developed by members of the community. If you choose to use a third-party plugin, please ensure the solution follows the code instructions. Note that any alteration to the code instructions may cause reporting and performance issues.
Do I get access to the survey results?
No. The market researchers who have paid for the insights are the only ones who get the survey results. Publishers are paid for the distribution of the surveys.
Can I change my alternate action?
Skip buttons are included with the survey experience to allow users an alternative action from completing the survey questions. If users skip the survey prompt, then they still have access for a minimum of 24 hours by default.
What types of content are appropriate for surveys?
In general, you should display surveys only over content that meets publisher-policy guidelines.

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