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You can quickly find contact information for a colleague just by searching for their name or other profile information in Google Cloud Search. A card with their profile information appears at the top of your search results. If your search matches more than one person, you get a list of profile summaries.

To open a person’s full profile, click their name. The profile information page shows the person's contact information and reporting chain.

Profile card

You can search for any profile information that your organization has set up for users, including custom attributes. If you can't search by job title, phone number, or other profile information, ask your administrator to update user profiles.

Limitations when searching on custom attributes
  • Only custom attributes with info type text, decimal number, or phone, and visibility Visible to organization, are available for people search.
  • CloudSearch has a limit on the number of custom attributes (of text, decimal number, and phone type) it uses for search. Currently, a maximum of 20 custom attributes defined in your Google Workspace account are used for search. Contact the support team if you do not see the expected custom attributes being searched.
  • A search query combining standard and custom attributes can't contain more than 25 total terms. If it does, the custom attributes are ignored and the search is performed using just the standard attributes.

Find contact information for people at work

From a card, you can send an email, start a video call, or make a call using your mobile device.

  1. Sign in to Cloud Search at

    If you can't sign in, your account doesn't have Cloud Search. Learn more

  2. Search for a person by name.
  3. In the result card, click the icons to the right of the person's name to send an email, schedule a meeting, or start a video call.
  4. To get other contact options or more reporting information, click the person's name to open their profile information page. 
  5. In the profile information page, click how you want to contact the person:
    • To send an email, click Email "" or the person's email address.
    • To set up a meeting, click Schedule "".
    • To chat, click Chat "".
    • To start a video call, click Video call Video camera.
  6. To contact the person's manager or direct reports, click the name of the manager or report to open their profile information page.

Profile cards appear only on the first page of results, and you won’t get them if you filter your search results.

Note: You get contact and manager information only if your organization adds these profile details to user accounts.

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