Sign up for Cloud Identity Premium

If you already have G Suite or Cloud Identity free edition, you can sign up for Cloud Identity Premium from your Admin console.

Sign up for Cloud Identity to start using device management, user provisioning, directory management, and other advanced security and control features with your team or organization. Sign up for a free trial.

You need 3 pieces of information to sign up

Your organization's internet domain name

The domain should be the primary domain where you plan to use Google services, such as (where is your unique name). You can use a domain name you already own. Or, we can help you purchase a new domain during the sign-up process.

I want to bring my own domain

During sign up, follow the instructions to use your existing domain. It must be a domain name you currently own. In fact, before you start using your domain with Google services, we'll ask you to verify your ownership. To do this, you need to be able to access your domain's DNS settings or the source files on your domain's web server.

You don't need to transfer your domain to us—you can still maintain an account with your domain host. We just enable services for your domain. Who is my domain host?

Using the domain with another Google Cloud account? Before signing up the domain for a new account here, you must remove it from the other account.

If you don’t already have email set up with your domain, you need to set it up.

I need to purchase a domain

If you want to use Cloud Identity but don't have a domain name, we can help you purchase one during the sign-up process.

A personal username to use with Cloud Identity Premium services

You need a personal username in your domain to use with Cloud Identity services, as in You’ll use this name (along with a password) to sign in to your Cloud Identity account and manage services for your organization. 

An email address that's not in your Cloud Identity Premium domain

If you forget how to sign in to your Cloud Identity account, we need to be able to reach you at an address that doesn't require accessing your account. This address must be a valid address that's not in your Cloud Identity domain (for example, your personal Gmail address). You need to receive mail at this address and continue doing so while using Cloud Identity.

After you sign up, the Setup Wizard guides you through verifying domain ownership (if you signed up with an existing domain). You'll go to the Google Admin console where you can add users and continue setting up services for your organization.

Get Cloud Identity Premium

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