Compare Cloud Identity billing plans

Applies to Cloud Identity Premium only

Plan types

When you set up billing for Cloud Identity Premium, you can choose between 2 billing plans.

Flexible Plan

You’re billed monthly for each user account. You can add and remove accounts any time and pay only for the accounts you use during that month. You can cancel service any time without penalty.

Recommended for: Small organizations with a variable-size workforce

Annual/Fixed-Term Plan

You commit to paying a full year’s subscription for your team or company. If your team grows, you can get more licenses and your monthly rate goes up.

You can reduce licenses or monthly payments only when renewing your plan at the end of the year. If you cancel your subscription before the year ends, you still pay for the full year.

Recommended for: Organizations with a constant or growing workforce

Learn how to manage user licenses for either plan type.


  Flexible Plan Annual/Fixed-Term Plan
Commitment None 1 year of service for licenses purchased at the start of the contract
Billing cycle Monthly Monthly
Monthly payment $7.20 USD per user $6 USD per license
Yearly total $86.40 USD per user $72 USD per license
Add users Any time for additional monthly cost Any time for additional monthly cost
Remove users Any time (reduces monthly cost) Only when you renew the annual contract—until then, you pay for all purchased licenses
Cancel service Any time without a penalty Must pay annual commitment (even if you cancel early)


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What are rates in other currencies?
  Flexible Plan (per month) Annual/Fixed-Term Plan (per year)
Contract None 1 year
Price per user USD $7.20 $72
EUR €6.60 €66
GBP £6 £60
INR Rs504 Rs5040
JPY ¥774 ¥7740
AUD A$9 A$90
CAD C$9 C$90
MXN Mex$144 Mex$1440
BRL R$42 R$420
TRY ₺73.20 ₺732
DKK kr.53.52 kr.535.2
SEK 78.6kr 786kr
NZD $11.52 $115.2
PLN 32.4zł 324zł
SGD $9.60 $96
HKD HK$56.40 HK$564
MYR RM30 RM300
THB 272.40฿ 2724฿
CZK 169.20Kč 1692Kč
ILS ₪25.20 ₪252
NOK kr70.80 kr708
CHF fr.7.20 fr.72
Which billing plan should I choose?

This depends on the size and variability of your workforce.

  • Annual contract—With the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, you commit to paying for one year of service. There is no contract with a Flexible Plan.
  • Removing users—With the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, you commit to paying a monthly fee for a minimum number of user licenses for a full year. You can’t reduce the number of licenses (or your monthly payments) until it’s time to renew the contract. With the Flexible Plan, you can remove user accounts any time, and your next monthly payment will go down accordingly.

The Flexible Plan might work best if you have a variable workforce.

For example, businesses that provide vacation services might double in size during the summer months. A Flexible Plan allows these companies to provide temporary employees with Cloud Identity Premium and only pay for the service while it’s used. The company can then delete user accounts when employees leave at the end of the summer.

The Annual/Fixed-Term Plan might fit better if you have a larger workforce and your team generally increases. You can add licenses as your workforce grows.

Can I switch payment plans later?

Annual/Fixed-Term to Flexible Plan

You can switch from the Annual/Fixed-Term to the Flexible Plan:

  • During your free trial
  • When it’s time to renew your subscription

Flexible to Annual/Fixed-Term Plan

You can switch from the Flexible Plan to the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan anytime in the Admin console. When you switch, you must make an annual upfront payment.

For details, go to Manage your payment plans & renewals.

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