Install and prepare GCDS

Prepare your Google domain

To prepare your Google domain for Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS), you need to enable authentication for the domain with an OAuth token and allow API access.

Enable authentication

GCDS generates an OAuth token in Configuration Manager and uses it to connect to and synchronize with the Google domain. Authorization of GCDS is associated with the credentials used in step 3. If that administrator leaves your organization, you won't be able to authorize GCDS. To avoid this, create a separate super administrator account to use with GCDS.

Authorize access using OAuth

  1. Open Configuration Manager and click the Google Domain Configuration page.
  2. Click Authorize Now to set up your authorization settings and create a verification code.
  3. Click Sign In to open a browser window and sign in to your Google domain with your super administrator username and password.
  4. Copy the token that's displayed.
  5. In the Verification Code field, enter the token and click Validate.
Enable API access

GCDS uses a variety of APIs to upload data and make requests to your Google domain, including:

  • Calendar Resource API—Creates, deletes, and updates calendar resources for the domain.
  • Directory API—Manages Chrome devices, groups, group aliases, members, organizational units, users, and user aliases.
  • Shared Contacts API—Creates, deletes, and updates shared contact information for external, nondomain contacts.

For the APIs to make requests, you need to turn on API access in the Google Admin console. To verify if API access is turned on, follow the steps in Enable API access.

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