Install & prepare GCDS

4. Authorize your Google Account

Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) generates an OAuth token in Configuration Manager and uses it to connect to and synchronize with your Google Account. You need to authorize your account to allow authentication. 

If an administrator sets up authentication with their account and then leaves your organization, you won't be able to authorize GCDS. We recommend that you create a single, separate super admin account to use with GCDS to avoid this problem.

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Authorize your Google Account

  1. Open Configuration Manager and click Google Domain Configuration.
  2. Click Authorize Nowand thenSign In.
  3. Sign in to your Google Account as a super admin.
  4. Click Allow.

    Configuration Manager receives the verification code and authorizes GCDS.

  5. Close the browser window.

If you are using a machine without a GUI, go to How do I authorize GCDS on a machine without a GUI?

(Optional) Revoke the access token

If you're concerned about using long-standing credentials, you can revoke the access token and reauthorize:

  1. Ensure that you’re signed in using the super admin account that was used to authorize GCDS.
  2. Go to Apps with access to your account.
  3. Under Google apps, click Google Cloud Directory Sync.
  4. Click Remove Access.
  5. Reauthorize your account by following the steps above.

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