Phone support numbers

This article describes how to get phone support. See below for Support hours and available languages. Phone support is available only for Gold & Platinum and higher support packages.

How to get support

  1. To get started, navigate to your support page in the console. Select a project in the console, click the settings icon , and select Support.

  2. Check the support page to verify that you have Gold, Platinum, or higher support. This is required for phone support. If you don't have Gold, Platinum, or higher support, you can either click change to upgrade your support package, or instead, see our support guide to try other resources.

  3. Get your support PIN code from the support page. Under Phone support, click Contact details and write down your PIN code. You can find this code in the support settings of any project that has Gold or Platinum support.

  4. Get your project/app ID or project number ready, plus your contact details, including your phone number.

  5. You're ready to call support. If you're in the United States, call this toll free number: 1-855-817-0841. Otherwise, find your local country number in the list below.
Local country numbers
Country Phone number Language
Australia 1-800-081-314 English
Austria 0800-041060 English
Brazil 0-800-724-8158 English
Canada 1-855-817-0841 English
China 86-4008106261 Mandarin
Finland 0800-520-007 English
France 0805-980345 English
Germany 0800-627-1050 English
Hong Kong 852-30711243 English
India 00-0800-050-1975 English
Israel 1-809-483691 English
Italy 800-598-917 English
Japan 0120-063-212 Japanese
Netherlands 0-800-020-5866 English
Singapore 800-120-6545 English
South Korea 007-9833-14179 Korean
Spain 800-000172 English
Sweden 020-120-3255 English
Switzerland 0800-199-080 English
Taiwan 800-88-8152 Mandarin
United Kingdom 0-800-026-0639 English
United States 1-855-817-0841 English
  • Cost: Toll free only when placed within the specified countries.

  • Hours for Gold support or higher: The hour of operations is based on the support package you have and the case priority level. Please check the Customer Care Availability for more information. In general,English and Japanese language support is available 24/7. Korean language support is available during business hours in South Korea, and Mandarin language support is available during business hours in China and Taiwan. Business hours are 9am-5pm (M-F) locally; closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. For more information, refer to the Support Guidelines and GCP Support Regional Holidays.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.

Calling from somewhere else? If you're outside the U.S. and your country is not listed here, try 1-929-270-4297. Calls to this number from outside the U.S. are priced at international rates (from inside the U.S., they are the cost of a local call). Please check with your phone provider for full rates before calling.

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