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Transfer your unused credits

You can transfer all of the unused and unapplied credits to another payments account for the same product, currency, and Google legal entity. Note this only applies to credits on your payments account and not any credits on your Cloud Billing account. This feature is only available for customers billed from the following Google entities:

  • Google Cloud Poland Sp. z o.o

  • Google Cloud France SARL

  • Google Cloud Italy s.r.l.

  • Google Cloud Korea LLC

  • Google Cloud EMEA Limited

  • PT Google Cloud Indonesia

Note: You can only transfer the full amount of unused credits to one destination payments account at a time.

What is this feature

You may sometimes have excess credits in your account when the credit you received from us, such as invalid traffic credit or overdelivery credit, is higher than your account spending in a particular month. We are keeping those credits on hold in your account until they can be automatically consumed by your spending later.

In an event that you no longer have spending in a payments account that can automatically consume those credits, you can choose to transfer the unused credits to another payments account with some spending, in order for them to be automatically consumed accordingly.

How do I view these credits

Starting April 2023 , these credits are going to be displayed on the Statement of account under Unapplied credits. These credits will be listed on a tab labeled “Automatically applied”, organized by type of credit, Payments account ID, product, amount, and other attributes. They can be transferred from one payments account to another for automatic consumption on the destination payments account.

Note: The credits listed on the “Manually apply” tab, if any, are credit memos which you can use to pay your open invoices. Learn more.

How do I transfer these credits

Reach out to your account’s Collections agent or to request for the credit transfer. We will review your transfer requests and notify you when they’re updated. If you are the primary contact of the payments profile that requests for the transfer, you’ll also receive automated email communications about the status of the transfer.

Restrictions apply on transferring these credits to different payments accounts. The transfer will only be approved if:

  • The credits are moved from one payments account to another that is associated with the same product, currency, and Google legal entity.
  • There needs to be proof of relation between the source and destination payments accounts when the transfer is for different payments profiles.

Make sure you understand these restrictions before requesting the transfer.

Verify that credits were transferred

  1. Sign in to the Google payments center.

  2. Click Statement of account.

  3. Look for the unapplied credits. Then, select the Automatically applied tab and look for the credit associated with the destination Payments account ID.

Based on your permissions, you may not see some features in the Statement of account. Learn more about how to add and remove users or change permissions

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