ChromeOS Flex installation guide

2: Boot device using the USB installer

Use the USB installer that you just created to boot the device you want to run ChromeOS Flex on.

Before you begin: Read the notes and installation instructions specific to your device. See Certified models list.

  1. Turn off the device you want to run ChromeOS Flex on.
    Note: Make sure the target device is completely powered off, and not asleep or idle.
  2. Insert the ChromeOS Flex USB installer.
  3. Boot the device from the USB drive. If you’re unsure which key to use, see Boot keys below.
    1. Press the power button.
    2. Immediately begin repeatedly pressing your device's boot key.
  4. Select your USB installer as the boot device using:
    1. One-time boot menu—If your interrupt triggers a one-time boot menu, you’ll see a list of boot options on your screen. You can use arrow keys, or mouse in some cases, to select your USB installer.
    2. BIOS or UEFI menu—If your interrupt opens the full BIOS or UEFI setup menu, you’ll need to find settings related to Boot or Startup. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set your USB installer as the first, primary, or preferred boot device.
    3. Other menu—If you see other options on screen, navigate to an option that matches one of the menus described above. Then proceed as described in those steps.

Boot device names can be difficult to read. If you’re struggling to identify your particular USB installer, look for brand names or storage sizes that you recognize.

Boot keys

Manufacturer Boot key
Acer F2
Apple Hold Option (next to the key)
Asus Del
Dell F12
Gateway F1
Intel F2
Lenovo F12
Microsoft Surface Boot from USB—Hold volume-down button
Boot to UEFI menu—Hold volume-up button
Toshiba F2 or F12
Other Try pressing Esc, any of F1-F12 keys, or Enter
  • Boot keys might be different on some models.
  • The certified models list shows the boot key for all certified models. See the Certified models list.
  • Some models display their boot key info on screen at the beginning of startup. For example, on some Lenovo models you’ll see To interrupt normal startup, press Enter.
  • If you can’t find the boot key for a certain model, try searching online for documentation from the manufacturer or third parties. In your search term, include your device’s specific name and model number and boot key or BIOS key.

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