Chrome OS Flex is currently released for early access testing and is not suitable for production use. CloudReady is available for immediate stable deployment. Google will automatically update CloudReady devices to Chrome OS Flex, when Chrome OS Flex is stable. We welcome your feedback as we work to improve the product. Send feedback.

About Chrome OS Flex certified models

Chrome OS Flex works on most Windows, Mac, and Linux devices manufactured over the last 10 or more years.

What are certified models?

To make sure that Chrome OS Flex continues to work as expected across regular OS updates, Google regularly tests, maintains, and certifies Chrome OS Flex features and functionality on many individual models. We keep a full list of certified devices, dates they’re certified until, installation notes, and details of supported and unsupported features. See Certified models list.

Devices are only certified if their exact model name and number is included in our certified models list. Similar models, or variants of a model, might have unexpected issues.

Guaranteed to work

The following functionality is guaranteed to work on every certified model:

  • Audio input, at least one method
  • Audio output, at least one method
  • Internal display, if present
  • Video output
  • Installation
  • Network—Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or both, if present
  • Touchpad, if present
  • Keyboard
  • Sleep and resume
  • System UI and graphics
  • USB
  • Webcam, if present

Not guaranteed to work

The following functionality is tested, but not necessarily guaranteed to work on every certified model. The certified models list provides details of missing or limited functionality for each model.

  • Automatic screen rotation
  • Bluetooth
  • Keyboard shortcuts and function keys, such as brightness and volume
  • Touchscreens
  • SD card slots

Not tested or supported

Even on certified models, some functionality is not tested or supported for Chrome OS Flex. Review our list of ports and features that are not tested or supported on Chrome OS Flex.

Models not on the certified models list

Chrome OS Flex might work without any issues on models that are not on the certified models list. However, changes in functionality and performance cannot be guaranteed between updates. Learn more about installing Chrome OS Flex on non-certified models.

For how long are models certified?

Each model on our certified models list includes the date it is certified until. When models reach that date, they:

  • No longer appear on our certified models list
  • Are not eligible for support from Google
  • Are no longer included in ongoing Chrome OS Flex testing
  • Might have issues without warning
  • Might not receive fixes for issues

Note: After the Certified until date passes, some devices might still continue to receive updates. However updates might have issues, and are not guaranteed.

We recommend that you install and use Chrome OS Flex only on currently certified models. When Chrome OS Flex models reach their Certified until date, we recommend that you switch to using new Chrome OS devices or other models on the certified models list.

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