Chromecast firmware versions and release notes

Last updated 21 December 2021

Here are the latest firmware versions and release notes for Chromecast devices.

Firmware updates are done in stages; the production firmware versions listed here are updated once the version is available to all devices.

Release notes

Chromecast with Google TV
Build number: QTS1.210311.036.7814738
Security update: 5 October 2021
Published: 21 December 2021

This software update includes:

  • Security update: Android security patch level updated October 2021
  • Storage optimisations and management improvements
  • Platform improvements to help some apps with:
    • HDR HLG playing instead of converting to HDR10
    • Dolby Vision playback
    • DRM video decoding performance improvements
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

Note: To manually download the latest update, on your Chromecast with Google TV home screen, choose Settings and then System and then About and then System update.

Previous release notes

Chromecast with Google TV 
Build number: 210311.008 7350836
Security update: 8 June 2021
Published: 10 June 2021

This software update includes:

  • Support for Stadia
  • Additional improvements to Bluetooth latency, allowing for better performance for both Bluetooth speakers and headphones.
  • Updates and bug fixes to help maintain advanced video settings after device reboots rather than reverting back to factory settings. 
  • Updates and improvements to HDMI-CEC issues to improve video quality and reliability. 
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Chromecast with Google TV
Build number: 210311.005
Security update: 5 April 2021
Published: 20 April 2021

This software update includes:

  • Advanced video controls setting for granular HDR formats, resolution/refresh rate and colour formats
    • Advanced video controls can be adjusted via Settings and then Display and sound.
  • HDMI hotplug improvements to better detect TV's capabilities
  • Wi-Fi improvements for 5 GHz and mesh networks
  • Bluetooth audio stuttering improvements
  • HDMI-CEC can now be configured to turn only the TV on/off in settings
  • Security update: Android security patch level to April 2021
  • Chromecast remote firmware update to 24.7
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

Chromecast with Google TV
Build number: 200918.033
Security update: 5 December 2020
Published: 8 February 2021

This software update includes:

  • Improved 4K support for TVs and AVRs
  • Dolby Audio improvements for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus passthrough content
  • Android recovery screen improvements and fixes
    • Reduced the occurrence of users seeing the Android recovery screen
    • Improved instructions when the Android recovery screen is shown 
  • Security update: security patch level increased on 5 December 2020
  • General security, stability and performance improvements

Current Preview Program firmware version 

Chromecast (1st gen)  –  Firmware version 1.36.159268​

Chromecast (2nd gen) – Firmware version 1.49.250946

Chromecast – Firmware version 1.49.250946

Chromecast Ultra – Firmware version 1.50.250947

Chromecast Audio – Firmware version 1.42.172094

Want to test drive the latest firmware version before it's broadly released? Join the Chromecast Preview Program. 

Current production firmware version

Chromecast (1st gen)  –  Firmware version 1.36.157768

Chromecast (2nd gen) – Firmware version 1.49.250946

Chromecast – Firmware version 1.49.250946

Chromecast Ultra – Firmware version 1.50.250947

Chromecast Audio – Firmware version 1.42.172094

Cast for Android TV – Firmware version 1.42.179832

How to check your firmware version

To check which firmware version you're on:

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. Tap your device and then Settings  and then Device information.
  3. Under 'Technical information', check for Cast firmware: X.XXX.XXXXX. 
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