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minecraft-launcher won't intialize My minecraft-launcher for Java Minecraft just shows the icon spinning but never launches. 1. I have … How do I disable automatic downloads on my Chroimebook? My chromebook automatically updates which includes lots of downloads, even to things I never use, li…
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What Micro-SD cards are compatible with Acer R13? Hi I am getting an Acer R13 for Xmas(Already bought by the wife so done deal). I know it's small on … how to stop the keyboard from typing in touchscreen mode. when I flip my Chromebook over to use the touchscreen the keyboard still types.
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unable to print to Brother HL-2140 I am unable to print to my Brother HL-2140. It only prints blank pages.
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When I insert my sd card I cannot find it in 'my files'. It does not appear. When I insert my sd card into my chromebook, nothing appears. It does not read the sd card. I know I… Was Android support discontinued for Acer CP511? I have an Acer Spin 11, model CP511-1HN-C7Q1, running in Developer mode (for crouton), Chrome OS Ver…
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no sound on chroombook do not know where to start
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I have tried all the suggested ways to update settings but still can not watch itv hub without it sa I can not watch anything on itv hub without it saying oops need to update settings I have tried ever… Print options only allow me to select "save to pdf," when trying to send documents to printer. I attempt to print a document, and the print option is defaulted to save as pdf. I click on the drop…
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Usb wordt niet herkent Usb is verkeerd afgesloten en wordt nu niet meer herkend
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How do I print? When I try to print a doc it jumps to "Save to PDF". I have clicked the drop down button and clicked…
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How can I enable Pointer Lock? I was playing Minecraft, when I notice that whenever I move all the way to a certain position, the m… how do I set the default on "open in a new tab" to automatically switch to that tab? I've looked through the help menus to no avail. Can't get my perk for 100 gb drive. Just bought a new Chromebook, first I did wrong google account as owner account, then I powerwashed …
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Samsung XPress M2070W printer, unable to connect to Chromebook I have a Samsung XPress M2070W printer, which has to be connected by cable. I have a chromebook that… گوگل پلی در گوشی من نصب نمیشود داخل هر برنامه میروم میگوید گوگل پلی متوقف شده است راه حل چیست ههیچ بربرنابرامنامه نصنصبنمنصنصبنمینصنصبنمیشنصنصبنمیشه
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How can I backup my files from downloads when “Chrome OS is damaged or missing”? I was using my HP Chromebook and it glitched and the warning came on the screen. I have some downloa… Fail to add printer - How add missing model or How to specify my own driver? I've followed the Settings step-by-step instruction to add my USB printer but fail. It's detected as… How do I set up my printer to my chromebook? I'm really struggling to get my printer to work on my Chromebook. I have set it up and can see my pr…
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