Chromebook final software update

Chromebooks automatically manage updates so that the device runs on the latest operating system (OS).

End of support notification

If you get a "Final software update" notification, you can still use your Chromebook, but you will stop receiving Chrome OS updates. These auto updates include:

  • Security updates, bug fixes, and new features for Chromebooks. Existing features may stop working.
  • Software updates to fix issues. These issues will not be fixed by Google Support.
  • Support for certain apps & extensions that require specific OS versions.

Auto Update Expiration policy

  • Each device has an Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date listed; this means that before this date, devices will receive new software updates from Google.
  • Google provides each new hardware platform with 6.5 years of Auto Update support. Multiple devices can share the same hardware platform. The 6.5 years start when the first device on the platform is released.* Manufacturers are advised to choose the newest platforms to ensure that they produce devices that have the longest Auto Update support available.
  • Google will provide advanced notice of a model’s AUE date to give buyers time to make purchase decisions. Please check the Auto Update Expiration date when making a purchasing decision.
  • Chrome device models that have not reached their AUE date will continue to receive OS updates.
  • When a device reaches AUE, it means that automatic software updates from Google will no longer be provided.
  • The End of Sale date is controlled by the manufacturer of the device model and has no relation to model’s AUE date.

*For example - if a manufacturer releases a device on a 1-year old hardware platform, it will have 5.5 years of Auto Update support.

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