Check how long your Chromebook will receive automatic updates

Chromebooks, Chromebases, and Chromeboxes automatically manage updates so that your device has the latest software and security features. To check your update schedule:

  1. At the bottom right, select the time and then Settings .
  2. At the bottom left, select About ChromeOS.
  3. Select Additional details.
  4. In the “Update schedule” section, you’ll find when your Chromebook will receive its last update.

Final software update notification

If you get a "Final software update" notification, your device will stop receiving ChromeOS and browser updates. These updates include:

  • Security updates, bug fixes, and new features for Chromebooks. Existing features may stop working.
  • Support for certain apps that require specific ChromeOS or browser versions.

Automatic updates policy

  • Chromebooks receive 10 years of automatic updates.*
  • These improvements automatically help keep your Chromebook up to date for longer with enhanced security and stability for 10 years from the platform release date.
  • To make sure your Chromebook stays compatible with our updates, Google works with all Chromebook component manufacturers to develop and test the software on every single Chromebook.
  • Even if your Chromebook no longer gets automatic updates, it still comes with verified boot, meaning every time the Chromebook starts up, it does a self-check. If it detects that the system has been tampered with or corrupted in any way, typically it repairs itself, reverting back to its original state.
  • You can check how long devices will receive automatic updates.

Important: The “End of Sale” date is controlled by the device manufacturer and isn't related to a device’s eligibility for Google updates.

* For devices prior to 2021 that are eligible to receive extended updates, some features and services may not be supported.

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