Report a problem or send feedback

Need to report a technical issue or send feedback about ChromeOS? If so, try these options:

Before you report, ask the experts

Before reporting an issue, try posting your question to the community help forum, where our Product Experts and other Chromebook users can help you.

Send a feedback report

  1. Open the page or location where you experience the error.
  2. On your keyboard, press Alt + Shift + i
    Tip: If you don't have a keyboard, hold the Power button for three seconds and tap Feedback .
  3. In the 'Tell us what's happening' field, add any important details, including the steps to follow to reproduce the issue that you're experiencing.
  4. Optional: You can include additional information in your report, such as a URL, your email address or an attachment. To include a screenshot or send information about your system, tick the boxes next to those items before submitting.
    If you're reporting an issue about a specific file, please attach any relevant, non-confidential documents to the report.
  5. To submit the report, click Send.

We appreciate your help! In most cases, we won't be able to send you an individualised response, but we'll investigate your report and use the information that you provide to improve ChromeOS.

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