Play video or audio files

By default, your Chromebook uses the built-in media player to play audio and video files. To play a file, simply double-click an audio or video file in your Files app.

The player offers the following features:

  • Rewind / forward (by sliding the bar left / right)
  • Play / pause
  • Full screen mode
  • Volume controls
  • Playlist and Next / Previous available for audio files
You can make changes to the volume from the status area in the lower-right corner of your screen. In addition to changing the volume, you can also easily select the output--say, if you wanted to have the audio come from your Chromebook’s speakers instead of connected headphones.

If you have multiple audio files in the same folder, they will all automatically be added to a playlist. Click the playlist icon in the upper-right corner to switch between your current audio file and all of the files in your playlist.

If you use iTunes, you can install the Google Play Music Manager on your Windows, Mac, or Linux device to upload your music library and playlists to the cloud and access them from your Chromebook.

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