Chrome for Android Known issues

Font and language issues

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Font size is inconsistent on some sites, such as Reddit and T-Mobile.

We're working on improving the display of non-mobile sites on phones, especially ones that use a large range of styles and fonts.

Site display issues

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When I reopen Chrome, some tabs appear to reload only the outdated content.

Restored tabs initially load cached content. For pages that update content frequently, such as news sites, the content of a restored tab may not update unless you refresh the page. We’re working on fixing this issue.

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I'm having trouble logging into Facebook or displaying its pages.

Old versions of Chrome for Android (version 26 or earlier) may be incompatible with Facebook.

Update Chrome to the latest version through the Google Play Store to resolve any issues you may have with Facebook. Learn how to update apps downloaded from the Play Store

Scroll and zoom issues

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When long pressing on a tab in the switcher view, the tab can’t be dismissed with a swipe without retouching the tab.

We’re working on fixing this issue.