Arrange tabs

You can easily rearrange the tabs at the top of your browser window.

  • To reorder your tabs, click a tab and drag it to different position along the top of the browser window.

    Rearrange tabs

  • To move a tab into a new window, click and drag the tab down past the address bar. You'll see a thumbnail of the tab you're moving. Similarly, to move the tab to a different window, click and drag the tab from its original window to the top of the destination window. The tab should pop in automatically.

    Drag tabs

  • If you don't want a particular tab to be moving around, you can pin the tab to the left of your browser window. Right-click the tab and select Pin tab. You can tell that a tab is pinned if it's smaller in size and displays just the site's icon.

  • Besides the tips listed above, you can take advantage of many keyboard shortcuts available for windows and tabs in Google Chrome.