Launch Chrome as a Windows 8 app

In Windows 8, Google Chrome works differently if you run it as a Windows 8 app by making it the default browser.

Switch between desktop and Windows 8 mode

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
  2. Select Relaunch Chrome on the desktop or Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode.

Chrome remembers the mode that you last used. For example, if you exit Chrome from your desktop, you'll automatically be in desktop mode the next time that you open Chrome.


You can access your Chrome apps on the desktop or in Windows 8 mode using the App Launcher. When you open an app, it will open in the mode that you're using to browse. Learn more about the App Launcher on the desktop.

Not all plug-ins are supported

When Chrome runs as a Windows 8 app, not all plug-ins are supported. Only plug-ins using Pepper API such as Flash, Native Client and Chrome PDF Viewer will work.

Learn more about plug-in free browsing from Microsoft

Known issues

Issue Status
Windows 8 mode only works if your computer supports hardware acceleration. Type about:gpu into your Chrome address. Look under "use hardware acceleration when available" to see if hardware acceleration is unavailable or disabled.
Windows 8 mode doesn't work on high DPI devices. If you are on a high-resolution display, Windows 8 mode won't be accessible.
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