Use TalkBack to browse the web with Chrome

You can get spoken feedback when you use TalkBack in the Chrome browser.

To learn more, complete the TalkBack tutorial.


Explore pages with reading controls

Explore pages with a keyboard

Read articles in simplified view

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Explore pages with reading controls

To cycle through the reading controls:

  1. In Chrome, open a page.
  2. Swipe down then up, or up then down, until you reach the setting that you want.
    • You can choose a setting, like Headings, Links or Words.
    • On devices with multi-finger gestures, you can also three-finger swipe.
  3. After you choose a reading control:
    • To move forward: Swipe down.
    • To move back with the chosen setting: Swipe up.

Reading controls in Chrome

  • Headings: Navigate by headings.
  • Links: Navigate by different kinds of links, like visited, unvisited or active.
  • Controls: Navigate by controls, like form fields, buttons or menus.
  • Characters: Explore one character or one word at a time.

Add or remove items from reading controls

  1. Open TalkBack settings.
  2. Select Customise menus.
  3. Select Customise reading controls.
    • You can add items like lines, paragraphs, landmarks or reset to default.

Explore pages with a keyboard

If you use an external keyboard with your Android device, you can navigate pages with TalkBack keyboard shortcuts.

Read articles in simplified view

You can read some pages in a simplified view that focuses on the content. To turn on simplified view while you are using TalkBack:

  1. In Chrome, open a page.
  2. Go to More options: Swipe left once, then double-tap.
  3. Go to Settings: Swipe left several times, then double-tap.
  4. On the Settings screen, select Accessibility.
  5. Turn on Simplified view for web pages.

Tip: When simplified view options are available on a page, you hear a notification. Explore the screen towards the top to find View simplified page. To start, double-tap.

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For more help with TalkBack, contact the Google Disability Support team.

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