Java plug-in

Java is a programming language and a computing platform that is used by many web developers. Some websites require Java to display their content properly.

Install Java

Windows instructions

  1. Visit to download the latest version of Java.
  2. Click Agree and Start Free Download to save the set-up file to your computer.
  3. Click Save for the file in the downloads bar to confirm that you want to download the file. Don't worry -- saving the file won't harm your computer. Learn more about downloading files in Google Chrome.
  4. Open the set-up file. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish installing Java.

Mac instructions

Apple supplies its own version of Java. Java version 7 is not compatible with Chrome. Although not recommended due to security vulnerabilities, you can restore Java version 6 to continue using Chrome. Learn how to restore Java version 6 on your Mac

See more information on Java’s support website

Test whether the Java plug-in is successfully installed

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