Common questions about signing in to Chrome

Sign out of Chrome

How do I stop syncing to my Google Account, while keeping my bookmarks and other browsing data on my computer?

You can disconnect your Google Account from Chrome and stop syncing with your computer. By disconnecting your Google Account, you won’t lose the data stored on your computer or in your Google Account. However, any future changes you make on your computer will not be reflected on other computers that you’ve signed in to Chrome on. Learn how to disconnect your Google Account from Chrome

I accidentally signed in to Chrome on a public computer. How do I delete all my synced data from that computer?

If you want to delete the Chrome data stored on your computer, you will need to delete the user that you’ve signed in as. If there’s only one user, create a new user first, then come back to delete the unwanted user. Learn how to delete a user

Deletion of a user cannot be undone. Proceed with caution.

Sharing my computer with other people

How do I keep my own settings separated from everyone else’s?

You can add a new user to Chrome and create a personalized copy of Chrome for yourself.

Can I protect the user I created with a password, so other people can’t access it?

Chrome does not provide password protection for this feature. Adding new users to Chrome isn’t intended to secure your data against other people using your computer. Chrome provides this functionality as a quick and simple user interface convenience for people who are already sharing Chrome on the same computer today. To truly protect your data from being seen by others, please use the built-in user accounts on your operating system of choice.