Why sign in to Chrome

When you're signed in to Chrome on different devices, you can choose what information will sync across them -- such as your apps, bookmarks, history, and extensions.

To learn how to customize your sync settings, select your device below:

  1. In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu .
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under "Sign in," click the button Advanced sync settings.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select how much information you want to sync. You have two options:
    • Sync everything: All of the information in the checkboxes will sync.
    • Choose what to sync: Mark the information you want to sync with checkboxes.
  5. Under "Encryption options," choose one of the following:
    • Encrypt synced passwords with your Google credentials: This option is selected by default. It means any synced passwords will be kept secure by your Google Account.
    • Encrypt all synced data with your own sync passphrase: Choose this option to protect all your synced data with a sync passphrase.
    Note: If you change this setting on one computer, you might receive a sync error notification on any other devices you’re signed in to. To fix the error, enter the new sync passphrase on the other devices.

  6. If you created a sync passphrase, you may be asked to provide it. (Forget your passphrase? You’ll need to reset sync.)
  7. Click OK.
Chromebook Android device
  1. Open the Chrome menu.
    It could be an icon or a button on your phone. They look like More or Menu.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. At the top, touch your account name.
  4. Touch the account you're signed in to again.
  5. Use the blue slider at the top of the screen to turn Sync ON.
  6. If you don't want to sync everything, deselect the Sync everything checkbox. Then choose the data you'd like to sync.
  7. Touch Encryption to choose whether to use your Google Account password or a custom passphrase to protect your data.
iPhone or iPad
  1. Touch the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch your account name.
  4. Touch Sync.
  5. Switch the Sync slider ON.
  6. Choose the amount of information you want to sync:
    • To sync all data, switch the Sync Everything slider ON.
    • To choose what gets synced, switch the Sync Everything slider OFF, then choose ON or OFF for each type of information.
  7. Touch Done.

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