Troubleshoot sync issues


You see a sync error notification Sync error on the Chrome menu and need help resolving it, or have made changes to your synced data on one computer but you do not see your changes on another computer.


When you click the sync error notification Sync error on the Chrome menu, you see the following messages:

Sync Error: Sign in again

Your sign-in information is outdated (e.g. you recently changed your password or turned on 2-step verification for your Google Account).

If you have changed your Google Account password, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the error message and enter your Google Account username and the new password.
  2. If prompted for a passphrase, enter your sync passphrase. In some cases it may be the same as your Google Account password.

If you have enabled 2-step verification, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the error for exact details.
  2. If you're prompted to sign in, enter your Google Account username and password. Do not enter an application-specific password here.
  3. You will be asked to enter a verification code. Generate the password on your Authorizing applications and sites page and paste it into the dialog.

    Application-specific passwords are not the same as verification codes.

Sync Error: Update sync passphrase

You will see this message when you set a sync passphrase on one computer or have recently changed your Google Account password.

If you’ve set a sync passphrase on one computer, you’ll need to enter the same passphrase on all of your other syncing computers. On other syncing computers, you may see an error on the Chrome menu Sync error prompting you to update your passphrase.

Follow these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Click Sync Error: Update Sync Passphrase in the Chrome menu.
  2. In the "Advanced sync settings" dialog, under the "Encryption options" section, you will see one of the following:
    • “Your data was encrypted with your Google password.” If you see this message, enter your previous Google Account credentials.
    • “Your data was encrypted with a sync passphrase”. If you see this message, enter the sync passphrase that you created.

What if I’ve forgotten my custom passphrase?

If you no longer have access to your custom passphrase, you’ll need to reset sync.

  1. If your synced data (bookmarks, apps, etc) is available on your local computer, sign in to your Google Dashboard.
  2. In the Chrome Sync section, click Stop and Clear. This step will remove the data from Google’s servers. The data on your local computer won’t be affected.
  3. Wait a few minutes before signing in to Chrome and re-enabling sync on your computer.

You see the following error messages in the "Sign in" section of the Settings page.

Sync service is not available to your domain

You are likely using a Google Apps account to sync. Check with your administrator that the sync feature is enabled for the domain.

Oops, Sync has stopped working

It’s likely that one of your data types is having trouble syncing. Follow the steps below, to fix the issue:

  1. Click Disconnect your Google Account to stop syncing on the computer.
  2. Close Chrome by going to the Chrome menu > Exit (Mac: Quit).
  3. Restart Chrome.
  4. Sign in to Chrome and re-enable sync on the computer.

You encounter the following errors while signing in to Chrome.

The spinning circle doesn't stop

If spinning circle continues for a long time after signing in to Chrome with your Google Account credentials, or after entering the verification when prompted for it, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Cancel to close out the dialog with the spinning circle.
  2. If you have the option to Disconnect your Google Account, click the button to stop sync on the computer.
  3. Close Chrome by going to the Chrome menu > Exit (Mac: Chrome menu > Quit).
  4. Restart Chrome. Note: If your version of Chrome is 16 or older you must upgrade Chrome in order for sync to work. Upgrade by going to the Chrome menu > About Google Chrome > Upgrade.
  5. Sign in to Chrome and re-enable sync on the computer.

The server is busy, please try again later

You will see this message if you have just recently reset sync through the Google Dashboard. Please wait for a few minutes and check that there is no Chrome Sync data listed in your Google Dashboard before signing in to Chrome.

This account is already being used on this computer

You will see this message if you are already signed in to Chrome with the same Google Account on a different Chrome user. Click on the Chrome user icon on the top corner, and in the drop down select the user associated with the Google Account you are trying to sign in to Chrome with.

Someone previously signed in to Chrome

Someone with a different Google Account was previously signed into Chrome. By signing in to Chrome, you may be associating someone else's Chrome settings and preferences with your account.

If Chrome has stored information like bookmarks or history that you don't want to sync with your account, such as on a shared computer, click "Create a new user".

If Chrome was previously signed into with an account that you own, and you want to sync your Chrome information with a new account, click "Sign in anyway".

Learn more about managing multiple Chrome users

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