Facebook issues in Google Chrome


Problems using Facebook, including playing games, logging in, and uploading photos.


First, check if the issue is specific to Google Chrome. Open Facebook in another browser on your computer, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you experience similar problems with Facebook in another browser, the issue is likely not due to Google Chrome.

If the issue happens in other browsers as well as Google Chrome, try the following support sites for additional help.

If the issue only happens in Google Chrome, you can see solutions for the following issues.

Can’t log in

Try clearing your cache and cookies.

Can’t upload multiple photos

There may be issues with your Java plug-in. You can try reinstalling the Java plug-in. You can also try going to Start > Control Panel > Java > Advanced. Click Default Java for browsers, and select the "Mozilla family" checkbox.

Page content doesn't display properly

Try these troubleshooting solutions. You can also check out the Facebook Help Center.

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