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How do I track recent user logins on Chromebooks while still erasing local data on logout? I work for a mid-sized school district that has not yet gone 1 to 1, so multiple students log into t…
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Chrome prints wrong colors and alignment on PDF to office printer. Printing same PDFs opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC works fine.
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Excessive Windows 10 Audit Failures from chrome.exe Hello, I have thousands of Audit Failure events (4673) in my local Windows Event Security log. They …
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I’d like to blacklist docs.google.com but allow a few specific docs. Anyone have any advice? I have blocked docs.google in Chrome ADMX on Windows Server and whitelisted the docs. They all seem …
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Mouse cursor lag on extended screens I have an HP chromebook 14 updated to 78.0.3904.92 and when it's connected to an HP usb-c docking st… How to "activate" Legacy Browser Support (LBS) without starting chrome. Hello, i'm trying to configure LBS support within in our organization. So far i have installed the L…
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Chrome tabs intermittent hang or crash with white screen Environment: * VM hosted on ESXi * Windows Server 2012R2 (v6.3 build 9600) with patches current to O… How to stop duplicate Chrome Taskbar shortcuts We are having an issue where Chrome Icon randomly appears twice on taskbar at logon\new session. The…
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Always Open PDF files externally - Policy Hello. I want Chrome Enterprise to open PDF files instead of downloading them. I found no policy rel… De-provisioned chromebook still ask for enrollment. no longer in enterprise console. I have a de-provisioned chromebook that is still asking for enrollment, it appears the device is not…
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Why is my published internal domain extension not visible in Web Store collection for domain? I have created and published an internal Chrome extension for my organization's users. However, afte…
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