Set up Chromebooks for remote work

Resources for IT teams to support end to end Chromebook deployment

As the world is increasingly impacted by COVID-19, many organizations are deploying remote workers. The resources below will help you get started with deploying a remote workforce with Chrome Enterprise.

Get started

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Learn how Chrome Enterprise can help

With the right tools in place, businesses can enable their employees to be effective and productive remotely. Chrome Enterprise provides a complete cloud-based platform to help employers:

  • Deploy devices quickly and without having to image devices
  • Remotely manage devices with our cloud-based Google Admin console
  • Protect their workforce with built-in and proactive security measures
  • Give employees access to cloud-based or legacy apps through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions

To learn more about the benefits, use cases, and features of Chrome Enterprise that can help your remote workforce, watch this session or visit Enable remote workers for details.

To learn about Chrome Enterprise security features and supporting Google products, watch our webinar onSecuring remote workers with Google & Chrome Enterprise

Explore a variety of Chromebooks, including laptops and convertibles by visiting Explore Chrome devices.

Reach out to a reseller or contact our sales team for more information.

Deploy Chromebooks for your remote workforce

Manage Chromebooks in your organization by following recommended steps and best practices. The resources below will help to make sure your employee's ;devices are enrolled and adhere to the policies that you set. Once these steps are completed, your employees are ready to go, and you can manage the devices remotely with the cloud-based Google Admin console.

  • Learn end to end Chromebook deployment including how to sign up, enroll, and manage devices using the Google Admin console. For details, check out this quick start deployment guide or watch this session.
  • Set up policies to enable a remote workforce on Chromebooks. For details, see 10 best practices.
  • Watch how-to demo videos from Chrome Enterprise for more details.
Onboard new employees

A strong onboarding process is important to make new employees feel comfortable and productive. We're here to help and support you in every step of the way as your organization deploys Chromebooks to employees

Deploy and access apps

As an administrator you can manage and provide access to apps on an employee's device. Chromebooks can access apps through Chrome browser, Google Play Store, and VDI solutions.

Cloud productivity and other partner resources

Your team can stay connected through Google Meet. You can also explore other solutions that can help you keep your employees productive.

  • Manage Chrome Browser from the Google Admin console, across all of your Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac®, and Linux® devices.
  • Stay connected with Google Meet video conferencing from Google Workspace. For details see, Set up Meet.
  • For information on how to work remotely with Google Workspace, video meetings, group chat, and document collaboration apps, watch Cloud OnAir on demand content or check out Working Remotely with Google Workspace.
  • Convert Windows and Mac devices into a managed into a managed Chromium environment with Neverware.
  • Learn how BeyondCorp Remote Access allows employees, contractors, and other users to work securely from virtually any location without a traditional VPN.
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