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About Grab and Go Chromebooks

If a worker's machine is suddenly unavailable, you can quickly lend a laptop to a person in your organization. They can borrow one from your fleet of secure Grab and Go Chromebooks and get up and running in minutes, without help from IT. They return the laptop for reuse, without any reconfiguration. Grab and Go software and management policies keep your machines and data secure.

For an overview, see Announcing Google's Grab and Go Program.

Set up the program

How to use Grab and Go Chromebooks

To see how your organization might use a laptop loaner program, read about how Google developed Grab and Go and used it internally.

See Grab and Go: Google's self-service Chromebook loaner program

Get started

To set up Grab and Go Chromebooks in your organization, you choose usage scenarios, estimate the resources you’ll need, and configure the laptops with management software. The resources include Chromebooks, racks for storing and charging them, and Chrome Enterprise licenses.

See Grab and Go Deployment Guide

Work with a partner to deploy Grab and Go (recommended)

Several partners offer full-service deployment. They can help you set up and maintain the hardware and software, customize your Grab and Go deployment, and integrate it with your inventory management system and Help desk.

See Grab and Go deployment partners

Deploy Grab and Go Chromebooks yourself (optional)

You can get all the hardware, software, and licenses to support the program yourself. The software and instructions for deploying Grab and Go Chromebooks are all available as open source on GitHub. You can join discussions of this program on GitHub.

See Grab n Go Loaners

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